Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nursing Bras....

So I bought a couple of nursing bras. Some from Motherhood Maternity, a couple from Walmart. But the ones I liked the best were the ones I made myself!

Over at Jan Andrea website, she has a tutorial on converting your favorite bra into a nursing bra. I just so happen to really like my Victoria Secret IPEX bra, so that is what I did. Cut the straps, added the bra hooks (as shown to the left - found these at JoAnn's), followed her tutorial and had a great nursing bra.

Those IPEX bras are really expensive, and I've always taken good care of my bras. So after 29 months of nursing, I converted my nursing bras back to regular bras. Took my seam ripper out, and took the bra hooks out (save them, might use them for bra hooks for swimsuits!). And now have my regular bra back.

Here is Andrea's link to the tutotial....Enjoy!
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