Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How did I go down this path???

Just a bit of history about me. When I was in my early 20's I got pregnant. Went to a new doctor (mine didn't do deliveries), and just rocked along in the pregnancy. For my first pregnancy, I miscarried at 13 weeks. I was so scared and in pain and didn't really know what was going on. My doctor couldn't be found, and through my miscarriage, found a new doctor.

I vowed to myself, that I would from then on, be a consumer advocate of my health. So I researched, bought books, talked to people, traveled two hours each way to go to a Bradley Childbirth instructor, then found more information to consume. I also did Lamaze, but decided that Bradley was the route for me, since that would be the best for the baby and I.

Wrote up a birth plan, Doctor was okay with it, stayed at home as long as I could. Basically ended up at the hospital about 2 hours before the birth.

All four children have been no drugs, natural childbirths. I had to fight a battle with number 3. They wanted me to sign that I refused an epidural (new town, new doc, backwards types of thinking). Even though #3 was sunny side up (lots of back labor....hubbies hands in counterpushing on the back, will never be the same!), one can manage the labor contractions, with the yoga and Bradley techniques.

#4, was 21 years after #1. Older mom (advanced maternal age-ha!). Had to be induced. Still could do the yoga and breathing and walking meditation to manage the labor contractions. I walked 15 minutes, then monitored for 5 minutes. They kept upping my pitocin gradually, let me eat popsicles and such, potty breaks....I thought I could manage the pitocin, if I was allowed to walk, and to sit on the birth ball. Again, no drugs, natural childbirth. Had a student nurse cry, because she had never seen a natural childbirth before. (What does that say about our medical system?) #4 came out after I was 10 cm, in 4 pushes. I had read an article about a different way to push, and tried to use that technique (still researching and reading), maybe it was that or that my pelvis was so open from the birth ball yoga techniques. I don't know. My doctor said that he wished that his clients in their 20's and 30's took good care of themselves as I did. (Even though I had gestational diabetes....wrote down everything I ate, and exercised 20 minutes any time my sugars got to high.)

So, yes, Yoga does lesson labor pain, does allow you to manage without pain relievers, allows for you and your baby to recover quickly!

What do you think you can do, to help you through a childbirth with what is best for you and your baby?

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