Saturday, October 4, 2008

The use of "Birth Balls" during pregnancy

Here are two more videos/dvds that were helpful for me during my pregnancy, and I used some of the things on these dvd's in the prenatal yoga classes that I taught.

"Great Expectations Pregnancy Program" - using the Fitball (Resist-a-ball) to provide low impact alternatives and to facilitate muscle strengthening of the lower back, deep abdominals and pelvic floor." Keeping fit during pregnancy and early motherhood. By Australian Lisa Westlake. Video/DVD. Can also be found on the Gymnic website.

"Carolyne Anthony's Childbearingseries - 1. using the ball during pregnancy. Simple and beneficial poses that will help you through your pregnancy and delivery. These poses will help strengthen and stretch your body in preparation for the birth. They may also be done postpartum. Video/DVD. Pre- and Post-Natal Center for Women’s Fitness

Here are some booklets: Exercising during pregnancy with the "Gymnic-Plus" ball. Can be found also on the Gymnic website.

Additionally, "Birth Balls - Use of the Physical Therapy Balls in Maternity Care" - by Paulina G. Polly Perez, R.N. Found at Cutting Edge Press. Article was done in epregnancy about birthballs back in 2004.
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