Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Prenatal yoga

When I was pregnant with my first child, I miscarried when I was 4-5 months along. I vowed to myself that from that point and time, I'd find out all I could to try to have a birth that was beneficial for both baby and mom.

That led me down the path of Husband Coached Childbirth - The Bradley Childbirth Method. I did take lamaze and the hospital sponsored childbirth method at my local hospital. But, the Bradley Childbirth Method helped me to make informed decisions about using or not using drugs during the labor process, how to do different yoga poses to help with labor, and helped my husband to coach me during transition. This led me to have 4 hospital births with no pain medication and easy recovery.

It was tough for about an hour during each of the births. I was able to move around and walk. Even when I had to be induced. I walked 15 minutes, was checked for about 5 minutes, then sent my merry way in my walking or yoga labor poses (until transition time, and pushing the baby out time).

I encourage each of you to do lots of reading, research and talking to other moms to be, moms who have had babies recently, to find out what is best for you!
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