Friday, March 27, 2009

How long can one teach yoga while pregnant?

So a question came up on the YogaFit forum. How long can one teach yoga, while pregnant?

Well, I gave up two of my classes at 7 months, because where I taught was really cold, and I was always exhausted after teaching those two particular classes.

But I continued to teach my 3 other regular classes and the one prenatal yoga class that I was teaching too!

I soon gave up the YogaFit Strength and Sculpt class about a three weeks before my due date, but that was because we ended the class at the end of a month, so schedules could be reflected on the group exercise calendar. The other classes I taught up to a week of my due date.

I felt pretty good, and was on a strict carb diet at the time because of the gestational diabetes, in fact, the doctor wanted me to eat more (maybe because I was exercising more than he other pregnant ladies).

I think it all depends on the individual and their personal circumstance, but be sure to acknowledge that there might be some limitations at some point and time. Just Breathe!
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