Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yoga to help induce birth.

I've had a couple of ladies ask me, "What type of yoga poses can I do, to help induce the birth of my baby"?

Hmmmm. Well, you know my training for prenatal yoga entailed poses to do while pregnant. Poses & breathing techniques to help you through your labor, and of course postnatal yoga.

For me, I had my massage therapists "massage" those areas, that they aren't suppose to, when one is pregnant. Nope...didn't work. (Actually had two different massage therapists work on me.) Even had a pedicure (good ole wife's tail).

So, sorry, I really don't know of any poses to help induce birth. Legalistically, one could probably get into trouble with that.

Webmaster note: Now, you can use prenatal yoga and childbirth techniques to help you avoid narcotics or epidurals. One really needs to be an active participant in the birth process, become informed and educated....beyond the hospital prepared childbirth information!!
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