Friday, June 23, 2017

Pregnancy workouts by Jenny Ford

I absolutely love Jenny Ford's stepping and marching routines.  She has also done some pregnancy workouts.  Thought I'd share these here, for alternate workouts besides prenatal yoga.  I hope you enjoy!

NEW Pregnancy Workouts – HELP!


Hey Moms, I’ve got two NEW pregnancy workouts that I need help with.  First off, congratulations on your pregnancy!  Hope you’re feeling great, and excited, and nervous, and beautiful, and amazing all at once.  Are you setting some time aside for yourself?  Now is a great time to get into the habit of scheduling some ‘me-time’ each day so it will continue after your little one arrives.

Of course I hope your ‘me-time’ includes some exercise.  Funny enough, I’m here to help you with that.  After you’ve cleared it with your doctor, I’d love your help testing out 2 NEW workouts.

Contact me and I’ll send you some private links.  Then give it to me–honest feedback that is.  If you’re not expecting, but know someone who is, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!  Anyone is welcome.

I filmed these workouts a little over a year ago when I was in my third trimester.  Boy time flies!

The first workout is a cardio/strength interval workout, about 57 minutes.  It can be done with a step, or without, and you can break it up into sections according to how you feel.  Hand weights are used, but they’re not required.

The second workout is a toning and strengthening workout, about 31 minutes.  You’ll need a chair, a pillow, and a mat.
Need more info or want to participate?  Contact Jenny Ford at:
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